Epoxy Flooring Cost

Ok, so we have come to the million dollar question! How much is a quality epoxy floor coating going to cost me?!

 Well the truth is that there are multiple factors that go into pricing your job.

  1. How many square feet is the job?  The higher the number the lower your total price per square foot.

  2. Is there a coating or sealer that must be removed?

  3. How many cracks and divots must be filled?

  4. What kind of sealer do you need for your application?

  5. What kind of system are you doing to put down?  Is it a residential garage floor, warehouse, industrial space, veterinarian office, residential flooring?

  6. How much moisture vapor emissions is coming up through the slab?

  7. Do you want the stem wall coated?

Many factors go into pricing out your floor, but I can give you some general guidelines and averages.

In general, most customers who are looking to have a new garage floor coating installed usually end up in the $3.00 to $5.00 per square foot range. 90% of those customers end up in the $3.35 - $4.35 per square foot range. Please know these are averages and your job could be lower or higher based upon your concrete slab and the choices you pick.